Portrait photography by gallery owner Florian Appelt in his gallery "Kunst ab Hinterhof, which means Art from the backyard

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Ten questions for Florian Appelt

Art for all. And for every budget. This is the objective of Kunst ab Hinterhof (KaH) in the 16th district. The platform for Viennese artists was set up in 2019 by Florian Appelt and Richard Petz. Their mission? To make contemporary art accessible to as many people as possible.

  • A new work of art is…

… like the feeling of discovering a long-lost treasure that nobody knows about but me. And the happy anticipation of sharing it with others.

  • KaH means?

Making art not only affordable but above all accessible for all. The barrier to entering a White Cube gallery is too high. This is what we want to change.

  • Does one always have to understand art?

No – art is a malleable term. It’s important to take it to its limits. Even if not all artworks are received with appreciation.

  • KaH isn't a gallery?

That’s right, we see ourselves as a platform. Our digital presence, price transparency, and avoiding exclusive contracts mean that we can reinvent the gallery business.

  • What’s special about Vienna’s art scene?

Relative to the city’s size, it’s very diverse, and it’s flourishing. Especially because new spaces and galleries are constantly developing.

  • Painting, photography, or performance?

Every technique has its own legitimacy and individual form of communication, but personally I’m consistently impressed by large-format paintings.

  • What’s important in a work of art…

…for me to like it? That spark can’t be put into words – either a work has it, or it doesn’t.

  • The top five up-and-coming artists from Vienna?

It’s hard to pick just five, because by now there are a number of artists who I believe could be internationally successful.

  • The young Vienna art scene…

…keeps going even in tough times, even when every institution is fighting for itself – in the end it is about the common goal.

  • Your favorite artist connected with Vienna?

Manfred Deix. He embodied the cheeky, discourteous, and warm-hearted character of Vienna in his art like no one else.

Interview: Julia Perkhofer

Kunst ab Hinterhof

Kuffnergasse 7
1160 Vienna
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