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A festival for cocktails

The Liquid Market festival has become a fixed event for cocktail aficionados in no time at all. Around 100 bars are presenting their signature drinks again at this year's festival. This time at a new location: the Wiener Werkshallen. The old industrial complex has a special charm, and alongside a huge outdoor area also offers a rainproof indoor alternative. The size of the area makes it easy to comply with the rules on social distancing.

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The who's who of the local bar scene is represented at Liquid Market and presents its best signature drinks. To prevent large gatherings of people, it is necessary to book check-in slots. However, there is no limit on how long you stay at the festival. The ticket prices includes all drinks during your visit.

There are also tastings, workshops, street food, and, of course, a whole bunch of music played by DJs. And not to forget: non-alcoholic cocktails are also offered. From 10.00 pm on all three days a party with an international line-up (Jonas Blue, Tube & Berger, Wolfram, Julian Michél and many others) will take place.

Liquid Market Vienna

September 2-4, 2021
Daily from 2.00 pm to 10.00 pm
Daily tickets and 3-day festival passes available

Wiener Werkshallen

2. Haidequerstraße 1-3
1110 Wien

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