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Volksgarten Club Disco

When locals go "to the Volksgarten", they are not normally talking about the park, but about a disco. And not just any disco, but one of the best locations, which has been a fixed point of the city for decades. The history of the Volksgarten Club Disco goes back over 180 years. Today, the extensive establishment around the architecturally attractive glass pavilion offers both open-air and indoor nights with international greats of the party culture scene.

After renovations, the winter garden captures a special flair, featuring original furniture from the 1950s. The open-plan interior conveys a cozy feeling, with palms, Thonet furniture and old chandeliers. The music consists of house, disco and party hits.

Volksgarten Club Disco

Volksgarten (Heldenplatz)
1010 Vienna
Volksgarten Disco
© Volksgarten Clubdisco
Winter garden at Volksgarten disco
Winter garden © Thomas Lerche
Garden of the Volksgarten Club Discotheque
Outdoor © Volksgarten Clubdiskothek

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