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U4 Discotheque

Hardly any other discotheque in the country can bathe in the glow of so many names of international repute like the U4: Prince, Sade, Nirvana and Johnny Depp have all performed here live. Prince performed one of his legendary unannounced after-show concerts in the U4. Stars such as Grace Jones and Marilyn Manson dropped in as guests. It was like a living room for Falco and the Vienna Scene. Few locations can so credibly claim the honestly deserved distinction of being a “cult venue”.

The U4 opened in 1980 at the same time as the construction of the subway line, hence the name. At the time, the U4 was the first port of call for Vienna’s underground and New Wave scenes.

The venue has been providing a party atmosphere across its two floors and the necessary drinks for successive generations ever since. The theme changes every evening and brings bliss to suit every taste to the establishment on U-Bahn line 4: from classic funky disco, to official rock, to fitting reviews of the last decades.

U4 Discotheque

Schönbrunner Straße 222-228
1120 Vienna
Bar at the disco U4
© U4 Diskothek
Dancing People
© Max Röder
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