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Action! Five adrenalin-charged activities in Vienna

As exciting as Vienna's countless sights are, as much as there is to discover, some of us want a special buzz. Real action, a shot of adrenalin and a little adventure. Luckily, Vienna has a whole bunch of challenges on offer for all adrenalin junkies and action heroes.

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Video 5 adrenalingeladene Aktivitäten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g4CgKzGCqI&t=1s

Shying away from nothing, we took a look at the hottest spots for a good dose of action and drew up a list of five of the best adrenalin-charged activities in Vienna.

Spider Rock XL facility

If you prefer your adrenalin kick at high speeds, then head straight for the Spider Rock XL facility. The 40 meter-tall starting tower of the 380 meter-long zip line can be seen from a distance. It also happens to be the longest zip line in the world. This adrenalin-charged ride is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but does reward you with a fabulous view. If you want to go even faster, you can take your place as a passenger in either a 400 or 900 horsepower speedboat and whiz around on the Danube. The Spider Rock XL facility is open from May until the end of September and is located right next to the U2 subway station Donaumarina.

Anti-aircraft tower climbing complex

While the inside of the old anti-aircraft tower thrills visitors to the House of the Sea with a colorful variety of animals from around the world, the outside offers a particularly spectacular climbing wall. "Sports climbing above the roofs of Vienna" is the owners' motto, and it shows. The most daring climbers make their way up to a maximum height of 30 meters. Over 4,000 climbing holds offer a total of 20 routes with various degrees of difficulty for climbing and bouldering – in other words, for climbing without a rope. Advanced and professional climbers will find their perfect challenge here, while beginners can approach the sport of climbing nice and slowly. You can climb and boulder on the climbing wall in Esterhazypark from April to October, daily until dusk.

Kahlenberg Forest Rope Park

The Kahlenberg Forest Rope Park is similarly vertiginous and a fair bit greener. Located right inside the Vienna Woods Biosphere Park, this climbing park has 18 different courses on offer. There are three degrees of difficulty to choose from. Rope bridges at lofty heights, jangling nerves, and the zip line to end with ensure a really big buzz. There are 180 exercises in all. Courage and effort are rewarded with a fantastic view over Vienna and a whole new perspective of the forest and its trees. It's the ideal shot of adrenalin in nature.

Vienna Watersports Arena

Swoosh through wild currents, over and around obstacles, with up to eight people in an inflatable boat. Over and over again. You won't have to head off into the wilderness, far from the city. Because the Vienna Watersports Arena offers everything you need for an exciting rafting tour with friends. And all in the middle of Vienna's Danube Island. It promises an exciting mix of fun, action, adrenalin, and teamwork. Experienced guides teach the adventurous guests everything they need to know and keep a close eye on things at all times. The 250 meter-long white water facility can also be tackled in a kayak. This white water action is made possible by a height difference of 5 meters and three powerful pumps.

Vienna Prater

OK, the Vienna Prater is obviously not a secret tip. Nevertheless, it's always worth a visit, especially if you're on the search for an adrenalin kick. More than 250 attractions – each one higher, faster and more spectacular than the other – offer the right action for every visitor. For many, the Praterturm offers the biggest thrill. At 117 meters, the chair-o-plane is the tallest of its kind in the world. In addition to the appropriate excitement, the ride is topped off with a uniquely spectacular view of the city. The various rollercoasters should also be a fixed item on the schedule of all action-hungry guests – from the venerable Vienna Rollercoaster (Hochschaubahn) to state-of-the-art rides with loops and laser effects, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Spider Rock XL-Anlage

Handelskai 343
1020 Wien

Flakturm Climbing Wall

1060 Vienna
  • Vienna City Card

    • Benefits of the Vienna City Card: -20%

      Additional information on the offer:

      Open from April-October

  • Opening times

    • April to October
    • daily, 14:00 - 22:00
    • Geschlossen wird bei Einbruch der Dunkelheit - spätestens 22 Uhr

Kahlenberg Forest Rope Park

Josefsdorf 47
1190 Vienna
  • Prices

    • prices vary by body size and age


1020 Vienna
  • Vienna City Card

    • Benefits of the Vienna City Card: -35%

      Special Offer:

      Prater Exclusive-Package

      Additional information on the offer:

      This package includes: A ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel and two rides at participating attractions and either a Schnitzel or apricot cake with coffee or a Kaiserschmarren. Packageprice € 25,00; price advantage up to 35%

      After purchase and before the first use, the ticket is valid until 31 October 2024. After the first use, the Prater Exclusive Package is valid for 72 hours.

      The offer is available from 15 March to 31 October in the Vienna Prater at the Info-Point on Riesenradplatz after purchasing the Vienna City Card. / Further information: https://pratercard.at/vcc

  • Opening times

    • 15 March to 31 October
      Main season
    • daily, 12:00 - 20:00
    • Weather permitting

  • Accessibility

    • Car parks Main entrance
      • Parking spaces for people with disabilities
        at Riesenrad (Giant Ferris Wheel) and Schweizerhaus (Waldsteingartenstraße)
    • Further information
      • Wheelchair accessible restroom available.
    • Comments

      Wheelchair-accessible restrooms: Messegelände / Parkplatz, 1.-Mai-Strasse (in the middle), Calafattiplatz.

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