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Urban Gardening

Urban gardening, the use and development of inner-city areas for gardening purposes, has already made inroads into many large cities. Vienna also offers the opportunity to design public gardens together: The 11er Garten is located in the 11th district on an area of 1,700 m² in front of the Vienna Gasometers. Five square meters are available to each gardener for rent all year round and can be managed as they wish.

The City Farm cultivates an area of 4,000 m² in the Augarten. The former arboretum quarters are being brought back to life, hosting Vienna's largest tomato collection in the summer and presenting the city's only show garden with fresh vegetables in the winter — just a stone's throw from the Augarten Porcelain Manufactory. For lovers of rare plants, there's always the chance to buy seedlings in spring.

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In the heart of the city, further urban gardens are becoming established: The Danube Canal is one of the city oases in summer, the garden by the Danube Canal with a view of cool street art and graffiti is not to be missed. Further along the canal is Vienna's best known disco, the Flex. Planted shopping carts line the entrance and show that planting can be done everywhere. The KarlsGarten is Vienna's first display and research garden for urban agriculture and is situated in the middle of Karlsplatz. Various types of fruit, vegetables and grains are cultivated on an area of 2,000 m2. Anyone who would like to contribute to the gardening may look around a community or district garden in their area. The city of Vienna offers amateur gardeners areas they can harvest themselves (in German) for a fee.

Vienna's Gasometers

Guglgasse, Eyzinggasse, Döblerhofstraße
1110 Vienna

Danube Canal

Schwedenplatz - Salztorbrücke
1020 Vienna


Donaukanal - Augartenbrücke
1010 Vienna
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