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Vienna Festival 2019

The festival gets going with the traditional opening party at Vienna's City Hall Square on May 10 – a free open-air event that always thrills thousands of spectators and is broadcast around the world. Starting on May 11, the newest works of 430 artists from 19 countries can be seen at 27 performance venues. First up is the five and a half hour novel "Diamante" by the Argentinian Mariano Pensotti, presented at the Eishalle Donaustadt.

Film star Isabelle Huppert as a guest

The Belgian Christophe Slagmuylder is the new director of the Vienna Festival. He brings film star Isabelle Huppert to the stage in Vienna with the monologue "Mary Said What She Said", hot on the heels of the play's world premiere in Paris. Further highlights of the festival:

  • Angelica Liddell's "The Scarlet Letter" – based on the world-famous novel "Der scharlachrote Buchstabe".
  • In his five-hour "Proces" in the style of Franz Kafka, Krystian Lupas explores the depths of the human psyche as well as the current situation in Poland.
  • With "La vita nuova", Romeo Castellucci, a regular guest at the Vienna Festival, presents a visually stunning work that he has set up in a parking garage.
  • Ersan Mondtag puts on the world premiere of Sibylle Berg's "Hass-Triptychon" (Hate Triptych) with the actor Benny Claessen.
  • The Swede Markus Öhrn investigates cases of abuse in the professional environment in "3 Episodes of Life".
  • The Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul shows his first stage project "Fever Room".

Music, dance and party

Music and dance are combined, for example, in Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's production of Bach's "Brandenburg Concertos". François Chaignauds and Marie-Pierre Brébants reinterpret the melodies of Hildegard von Bingen's sacred songs. Choreographer and performer Marcelo Evelin has eight dancers tirelessly circle the stage to live music by Franz Schubert in his work "Matadouro".

In addition to live music – including by the local electronic musician Fennesz or at the song recital "Suite n°3 Europe" – various festival venues once again offer space for discussions and workshops. After a full five weeks, the 2019 Festival will bid a traditional farewell on June 15 in the Gösserhallen with a final party night of concerts, performances and DJs.

Vienna Festival 2019

May 11 - June 16, 2019, various venues
Program, information, tickets:

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