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Wedding in Vienna

Registered partnerships have been available in Austria since January 1, 2010, and marriage for all since January 1, 2019. Both registered partnerships and marriages can be entered into at the city's most beautiful locations: in Schönbrunn Palace and in the Imperial Palace a well as, for example, at the Albertina, the Kunst Haus Wien or even at lofty heights on the Giant Ferris Wheel. As you'd expect, all register offices are available for registered partnerships and marriages.

Everyone who'd like to say "I do" in Vienna can approach any Austrian registry office. Couples who have never lived in Austria and would like to say "I do" in Vienna should get in contact with the department for tourist weddings by email at: (please indicate the full name, preferred date of the wedding or partnership ceremony, country of birth, nationality, home address and civil status)

PS: Those who get married in Vienna should also spend their honeymoon here. After all, there's hardly a more romantic city in the world ...

Information on getting married in Vienna

Information on entering into a registered partnership

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