Strudlhofstiege (Strudlhof staircase) in the ninth district

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On Vienna’s historic stairways

Perhaps the most famous stairway in Vienna is the Strudlhofstiege in the ninth district. It was built in 1910 and is an attractive example of Viennese Art Nouveau, with its curved steps and green railings. The construction is a reminder of Peter von Strudl, the founder of the Academy of Visual Arts. Right on the Ringstraße stands the University of Vienna, which was built by Heinrich von Ferstel between 1873 and 1884. Most impressive is the staircase. The three-armed, imperial Philosophers' stairway is reminiscent of a palace staircase in its size and complexity. The Legal Stairway has a slightly more muted design, apparently due to a lack of money.

Definitely worth seeing in the Ruprechtsviertel in the first district, the oldest part of Vienna, are the Roman ruins on Hoher Markt, which date to the legion camp of Vindobona, the famous Anker Clock, the Vermählungsbrunnen fountain and St. Rupert's Church, the oldest church in Vienna. Additionally, between Marc-Aurel-Straße and Sterngasse is the Herzl Stairway, named after Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist Movement. Next to the stairway are Roman ashlars, which were revealed in the 1960s and identified as foundation stones of a Roman spa complex.

In the sixth district, you'll come across two impressive stairways. The Fillgrader Stairway is in the Secessionist style and bridges part of the difference in level between the Naschmarkt and Mariahilfer Straße. Inside the staircase is a standing café and a gallery! Not far from here is the three-armed Rahl Stairway, which was built in 1870.
A bad weather tip for stairway fans in Schönbrunn Palace: take a look at the "Blue Stairway". At the time of Joseph I., a dining room stood in its place, with a sky-blue ceiling fresco by Italian painter Sebastiano Ricci. The conversion into a prestigious staircase took place in 1745. The color of the retained ceiling fresco gave the stairway its characteristic name.

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