Thomas Podsednik in the vineyard

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Ten Questions for Thomas Podsednik

1. Being a winemaker in a big city – what's that like?

An entire wine-growing region in a major world capital: a claim that only Vienna can make. The traffic can be challenging, but then again, the customers are right there on our doorstep.

Thomas Podsednik in the vineyard
© Raimo Rudi Rumpler

2. Your favorite wine from your own cellar?

Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc – ed.) – a completely underrated old Austrian variety. And Viennese Gemischter Satz DAC.

3. Tell us about the Viennese Gemischter Satz DAC?

This exciting blended wine is unique. At least three white wine varieties are planted, harvested and turned into wine together. It tastes different every year.

4. Looking at your winemaking career, what are you particularly proud of?

For 34 years, I have put hard work and energy into the business with the support of my team. And now it is in great shape, and enjoys nationwide and international recognition.

5. What is important to you?

Producing high-quality, local and sustainable wine.

6. How organic are the wines from the Cobenzl estate?

After a transition period lasting three years, the whole of the 2023 vintage will be certified organic. We have been certified as a sustainable operation for over ten years now – and that applies to all the various aspects of the process from CO₂ emissions to bottle weight.

7. Your favorite moment of the wine year?

The grape harvest in fall, when the grapes go into the press house. You know then that you've made it.

8. Your tips for wine lovers around the world?

Several winegrowers, including myself, serve wine directly in the vineyards: wine, plus platters of cold cuts and the best views of Vienna. And don't miss the Weinwandertag wine hiking weekend in fall!

9. Are there focuses other than wine at the winery?

We are a popular venue for weddings – both in the wine cellar and out in the vineyards. And we also produce organic honey.

10. Your drink tip away from wine?

Viennese tap water: crystal-clear, delicious drinking water from the Alps. Give it a try!

Wining and dining in the vineyards:

Interview: Susanna Burger

Cobenzl Vineyards

Am Cobenzl 96
1190 Vienna
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