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The building, constructed on the order of Emperor Maximilian II., underwent a major renovation under Maria Theresa. Parts of Neugebäude Palace were used to construct the Gloriette in Schönbrunn Palace park. Although the structure can no longer be seen in its original form, the interior courtyard has been turned into a popular event site. An Easter market, a Middle Ages festival, and a Christmas market are held here every year. Those who would like to find out more about the building's tumultuous history are welcome to participate in one of the regular tours. Neugebäude Palace is also a popular wedding location in Vienna and can also be rented for weddings and private parties.

The Lower Garden

The newly designed "Lower Garden" was opened in 2010. The 12,500 m² park of Neugebäude Palace is situated exactly on the footprint of the historic imperial garden. The original garden beds and path formations, which were typical during the Renaissance period, were preserved but updated with modern accents. Now there are water games with fountains and shade provided by 70 plane trees, while an avenue lined with lilacs invites visitors for a stroll. Rocking animals such as a tiger and lion, an elephant slide and a giraffe swing are reminiscent of the former menagerie at Schloss Neugebäude Palace, the first in Vienna. Neugebäude Palace is just one of many outdoor areas in Vienna and makes it possible to spend a day in Vienna in nature.

Did you know that the first European tulips were planted in Vienna - namely in front of Schloss Neugebäude Palace - before they became a trademark of the Netherlands?

Central Cemetery and Urnenhain (urn grove)

Visitors who are in the mood for a contemplative stroll after seeing the Schloss Neugebäude Palace can take a 15-minute walk around the castle area to the Urnenhain, the former pheasant garden of Schloss Neugebäude Palace. Here is the crematorium designed by the architect Clemens Holzmeister, which first opened in 1922 as Austria's first crematorium. Across Simmeringer Hauptstrasse lies the main entrance of Vienna's Central Cemetery. It is the second largest cemetery in Europe with 330,000 graves.

Organic foods around the corner

If you're looking for an organic souvenir, your best bet here is Biofeigenhof across from the main entrance of Schloss Neugebäude Palace. This company cultivates figs, herbs, vegetables and wine according to organic principles and sells them at farm prices. Tips for your organic shopping in Vienna.

Schloss Neugebäude Palace

Otmar-Brix-Gasse 1
1110 Vienna

Guided tour:
Helga Rauscher
Registration required at: +43 664 5745210
More information available from the Cultural Association of Simmering:

Central Cemetery (Zentralfriedhof)

Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234
1110 Vienna
  • Opening times

    • 03 November to the end of February
      • daily, 08:00 - 17:00
    • March
      • daily, 07:00 - 18:00
    • April to September
      • daily, 07:00 - 19:00
    • October to 02 November
      • daily, 07:00 - 18:00
  • Accessibility

    • Main entrance
      • no steps
    • Further information
      • Seeing eye dogs allowed
      • Wheelchair accessible restroom available.
    • Comments

      Honorary tombs: Main Entrance (2nd Gate, access by car possible on the blue paths), free with ID. One can apply for the access card at the Infopoint (2nd Gate). Wheelchair-accessible restroom accessible with "Euro-Key" near Hall 3, in the cemetery church and at the cemetery office (ramp), gravel paths.

Feigenhof (Fig farm)

Am Himmelreich 325
1110 Vienna

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