Gingerbread hearts at Böhmischer Prater

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The Bohemian Prater

The rides and dining outlets are arranged along a pedestrian zone.

Giant Ferris Wheel for children and 90 year-old rollercoaster

For children, there are small versions of a carousel, an autodrome and a Giant Ferris Wheel. The water attractions such as aqua balls, aqua bumpers and the Marine Bay are particularly popular on hot summer days. Vintage rides, such as an 90 year-old rollercoaster, have been supplemented with modern attractions.

The historical family Prater also has lots to offer on the food front: the name "Sweet Tram" reveals what it holds in store for the sweet toothed. Visitors will also find Viennese cuisine, a wine tavern and snacks for on the go.

The Bohemian Prater can look back over 150 years of history: Franz Bauer, a canteen owner of the Laaer Wald brickworks, ran a small inn here, a popular destination for Sunday outings. He set up a swing and a carousel here in 1882. Other showmen and gastronomes followed his example.

The Bohemian Prater (Böhmischer Prater)

Laaer Wald 30c
1100 Vienna

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