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The sweet aroma of chocolate and hazelnuts hangs in the air in the seventeenth district, where Manner has been making its fine confectionery since 1890. Its most successful product are Manner Schnitten: from their origins in Vienna, these Neapolitan wafers filled with chocolate hazelnut creme have gone on to take the world by storm. Today they have a cult following.

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Each pack contains 10 wafers, and in tribute we have 10 surprising facts about Manner for you:

  • An average of two packs of Manner Schnitten are eaten every second worldwide. Or an impressive 72,000 an hour. Lined up end to end, that’s 3,528 meters – more than 26 times the height of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.
  • Manner Schnitten are among the most famous Vienna souvenirs. The Manner store on Stephansplatz alone sells up to 4,000 packs each day.
  • The individual wafers are designed to be perfectly bite-sized. The formula for success is as follows: 49x17x17 millimeters.
  • The hazelnuts were once sourced from the Naples region, which is why they are known as Neapolitan wafers.
  • St. Stephen’s Cathedral is part of the Manner logo. And Manner is the only company allowed to use this trademarked symbol on its products.
  • To demonstrate its ties to the landmark, Manner is sponsoring Vienna’s sweetest stonemason, it pays the wages of an artisan working on St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Rather than donning the traditional blue dungarees favored by the city’s tradespeople, his workwear is Manner pink.
  • The world-famous Manner pink has been in use since the company’s foundation and was added as an official Pantone color in 2019.
  • There are only a handful of companies who, like Manner, produce their own chocolate using beans from their own roastery. And Manner wafers have always been vegan. Many years before anyone knew what it meant!
  • For the Viennese, a sausage stand without Manner wafers is not a real sausage stand. The same goes for the capital’s Heuriger wine taverns and cinemas.
  • While the classic hazelnut version never changes, Manner has introduced an assortment of other varieties to suit different tastes over the years – from raspberry to coffee. Currently Manner wafers are also available in lemon, coconut, vanilla and chocolate creme. But it’s impossible to beat the original.

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Text: Susanne Kapeller

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