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Manner Shop on Stephansplatz

The wonderful snack also has a flagship store in the immediate vicinity of St. Stephen's Cathedral. The motto is "Back to the roots", because the first shop of the company's founder, Joseph Manner, was also located on Stephansplatz. Manner returned there a few years ago, within earshot of the logo, if you will. Manner is also the only brand allowed to show St. Stephen's Cathedral on its packaging. In return, the company has been paying the salary of a stonemason, who works on the cathedral, for more than 20 years.

Did you know that about 4 million individual Manner Schnitten are made every day?

As a contrast to the classical surroundings, BEHF Architects and BWM Architects have given the shop a very contemporary look. The stores sells not only Manner Neapolitan wafers (also in the nostalgic tin) but also other sweet delicacies from the house of Manner, such as Mozartkugeln chocolate balls and Ildefonso nougat cubes.

As an exclusive feature, Manner Schnitten are delivered fresh from the production line to the shop on Stephansplatz every morning. And Manner fans have a wide range of souvenirs at their disposal – all in the pink Manner design. The range extends from T-shirts and backpacks to umbrellas and cycling jerseys.

Manner Shop

Stephansplatz 7/ Rotenturmstraße
1010 Vienna

Other Manner flagship stores can be found at Vienna Main Station and at Vienna International Airport.

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