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Scents from Vienna

During the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, there were many perfume makers in Vienna. Perfumeries with long traditions, such as Nägele & Strubell, created their own scents and were even named Imperial court suppliers. A perfume from the Kniže firm also has a long history. The designer for men was also a famous Imperial court supplier, located in a store designed by Adolf Loos. In the 1920s Kniže became a famous men's high-fashion brand for the Modern. Kniže Ten, the first men's perfume line in the world, stems from that time. The name of the perfume stands for 10 points, the highest score in polo, and thus is supposed to symbolize ultimate elegance. Kniže Ten is one of the very rare leather scents in the world, and remains even today a timeless classic.

The company Wiener Blut specializes in new interpretations of fragrances from the Imperial period. For example, the perfume "Palais Nizam" is reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand in India. Every single perfume of this unisex fragrance line tells a story. The newest coup is "Freudian Wood", which plays on the importance of wood in Sigmund Freud's interpretation of dreams. The fragrances are available at J. & L. Lobmeyr, Kussmund Organic Beauty Perfumery, Stattgarten, and Saint Charles Cosmothecary.

The Saint Charles Cosmothecary specializes in natural cosmetics and also produces its own brand of fragrances. The Saint Charles Eaux de Toilette combines the art of pharmacy and perfumery. They were created in collaboration with perfumer Paul Divjak and are made using pure natural essential oils. Being modern fragrances, they are completely unisex.


Graben 13
1010 Vienna

J. & L. Lobmeyr

Kärntner Straße 26
1010 Vienna


Habsburgergasse 14
1010 Vienna

stattGarten Shop

Kettenbrückengasse 14
1040 Vienna

Saint Charles Cosmothecary

Gumpendorfer Straße 33
1060 Wien
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