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Vienna’s top eco-hotels

Green through and through

  • The Wood

Boutique hotel The Wood is still growing. This unique and particularly climate-friendly hotel on Mariahilfer Gürtel should be ready for its first guests at the end of 2020: it’s made completely of wood, and green through and through. 1,500 spruce trees from sustainably managed forests provided the construction materials for the hotel, with the idea of bringing the feel of the forest into the city. Sustainable and efficient: every part of every tree is used. Renewal of resources is a natural part of the process, with one to two replacement saplings planted for every tree felled; and in Austria’s forests, new wood equal in volume to the amount used to build this hotel regrows in under eight minutes.

Wood is top: it stores CO2 throughout its entire life cycle. Using wood for building construction brings the forest directly into the city.

  • Boutiquehotel Stadthalle

Boutiquehotel Stadthalle is a true model for sustainability – the first city hotel anywhere in Europe with a zero energy balance. This is achieved using its own groundwater heat pump, photovoltaic technology and solar panels. These supply as much energy as the hotel needs. The hotel is “green at heart” – not just in the figurative sense, but also literally: the lushly planted inner courtyard is truly a green oasis in the middle of the city. The Boutiquehotel Stadthalle contributes to urban greening not only with the Virginia creeper that covers the facade, but also with a lavender garden on the roof. This is much appreciated by the bees on the roof and helps make Vienna a true city of bees.

There are more green features too: eco shower heads, LED lighting and forgoing minibars in the rooms, which all help to reduce energy consumption.

  • Umwelthotel Gallitzinberg

Set on the western edge of Vienna is the Umwelthotel Gallitzinberg. Tucked away, but not isolated – it’s only a 25 minute trip into the city center. This spot offers a fabulous view of Vienna. The perfect base for walks, jogging routes or a trip into the Vienna Woods. For the best cycling tours, bikes are available right there in the hotel.

The hotel has extensive gardens where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air. A little play area makes it family-friendly too. In the mornings you can treat yourself to a generous breakfast featuring organic farm produce from the local area. Waste reduction and careful use of resources are top priorities.

Sustainability in the city center

  • The Harmonie Vienna

At The Harmonie Vienna in the ninth district, the focus is on sustainable luxury. This starts first thing in the morning with a breakfast of local organic produce. Vegetarian dishes on the menu are just as much part of the sustainable style as the vegan and allergy-aware options. People with allergies are given special attention at this hotel: with special rooms for allergy-sufferers, plants grown by hydroculture, no carpets, and hypoallergenic skincare products that are free of perfumes.

The elegant designer interiors are in perfect harmony with the hotel’s sustainable principles. Unique design features by the Peruvian artist Luis Casanova Sorolla can be found throughout the building. As you might expect for an art-loving city like Vienna, here there are numerous design hotels with a special atmosphere and distinctive interiors.

  • Hotel Wilhelmshof

The Hotel Wilhelmshof is particularly proud of its minimal ecological footprint. They achieve this by using the latest technology and the largest solar installation in the Vienna hotel sector. The hotel’s entire electricity supply comes exclusively from renewable energy sources and more than half of the energy used to heat water is produced by the hotel itself. A positive energy balance is just the start: the menu also features local organic produce. And here you can even enjoy rum that is shipped to Europe under sail, completely emission-free. And to ensure that environmental protection goes beyond the guests’ enjoyment, the hotel also produces almost no waste.

Green through and through

The Wood Boutique Hotel Vienna

Mariahilfer Gürtel 33
1150 Wien

Umwelthotel Gallitzinberg

Johann-Staud-Straße 32
1160 Wien

Sustainability in the city center

BW Premier Collection The Harmonie Vienna

Harmoniegasse 5-7
1090 Vienna

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