Hotel room with free-standing bathtub on the terrace.

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An extraordinary night in a hotel

A night with a bathtub on the balcony

Have you ever dreamed of gazing over Vienna while lying totally relaxed in a bathtub? At the 25hours, this dream becomes reality. No fewer than four rooms surprise with a free-standing outdoor bathtub on the private balcony. Run the bath, take a drink from the minibar, and enjoy the view of Vienna. That's really saying something.

Hotel room with free-standing bathtub on the terrace.
© 25hours/Stephan Lemke

A night in a luxury camper

No, no – don't stop reading just because you think we're talking about a campsite. Because what we present here is total luxury. The Hotel Daniel has parked a trailer in its garden where people who love the feeling of freedom and independence can stay overnight. The camper is fitted out in a class of its own: free-standing bathtub with view, top-of-the-range beds, air conditioning, heating, phone, sound insulation, and much more besides.

A night in a backstreet restaurant

The suites of the Grätzlhotel are not located centrally in a single location, but scattered right across the city in various abandoned backstreet restaurants. Right around the corner from the Karmelitermarkt, Meidlinger Markt, and Belvedere Palace. Stay overnight here and you'll dive right into neighborhood life. That starts with breakfast, which is served in neighborhood restaurants. The Grätzlhotel focuses as a rule on neighborliness and offers numerous cooperations from the picnic basket packed with market-fresh delicacies to the bicycle for rent.

A night with Viennese originals

The hotel rooms in the "Viennese originals" category at the Boutique Donauwalzer are unmistakable. They stand for Vienna and the world-famous Viennese charm. The rooms were fitted out down to the smallest detail by 13 traditional companies. The room inspired by Café Landtmann impresses with a marble table and Thonet chair in the style of a typical Viennese coffee house. In the room based around the horse-drawn carriage, you'll be amazed by all things horse. The Mühlbauer hat maker has furnished its room – wouldn't you know it – with hats. And you'll probably sleep really well in the snow globe room when the snow gently falls. Good night!

A room at Hotel Donauwalzer inspired by Café Landtmann
© Hotel Donauwalzer

A night with industrial flair

The "Viennese guest rooms" in the Gegenbauer vinegar brewery in the 10th district are a special experience. Everything here is reduced to essentials. Brick walls have been exposed, water pipes run visibly in the rooms, power outlets hang on cables from the ceiling, the beds were made from beams and boards without a single nail. This way, host Erwin Gegenbauer aims at creating a conscious counterpoint to typical hotel architecture. For breakfast, guests head to the community kitchen, where the home-made products are served at a large wooden table. And guests can collect their breakfast eggs directly from the chicken run. By the way, the Viennese straw rooms are brand new. Here there is not only straw in the bed, but also in the walls.

A night in a themed room

Trying to summarize the different rooms in the Hotel Superbude is far from easy. Guests really are spoiled for choice here. There are rooms (aka booths) in 17 different variants to suit all requirements. Among them rooms with a camper look in glamping style, a disco room with glitter balls on the ceiling and a bed for five people, a cinema booth with a five meter-wide bed as well as a giant screen and a large collection of Austrian films. And not least the Hotel Karasinski. These rooms bear the special signature of interior designer Laura Karasinski, who together with Gerd Zehetner from Archiguards Architekten is responsible for the entire design of the hotel.

A night in the hourly-rate hotel

The Hotel Orient is actually an hourly-rate hotel. But it's also much more than that. Because the Orient has nothing in common with the grungy dives you're thinking of. This is ensured by the furnishings alone, which live up to all clichés of imperial Vienna. Lavish and playful, but also exotic and fabulous, with lots of original furniture, entirely in the style of the famous Viennese painter and decorative artist Hans Makart, whose work left its mark on the Ringstrasse era at the end of the 19th century. All rooms and suites are uniquely furnished and have thematic references. Such as the suite called 1001 Nights. Hotel Orient is a Viennese legend, and absolute discretion is the name of the game here.

Façade of the legendary Hotel Orient
© WienTourismus/Johannes Luxner

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