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Sculpture with a shining Star of David, distributed at 24 locations throughout Vienna by Lukas Maria Kaufmann
©, 2018

Art in the public domain

The works of international and Austrian artists are presented at selected locations around Vienna. Artworks from Ernst Caramelle, Tony Cragg, Fritz Wotruba, Alfred Hrdlicka, Franz West, Rachel Whiteread, Henry Moore and others are on display.

The goal of art in public spaces is to stimulate and upgrade public urban spaces with temporary and permanent projects. Keep an eye out while strolling through the city. Because you can admire art at almost every corner in Vienna.

Selected artworks within the Gürtel:

  • Ernst Caramelle: Kunstpassage Karlsplatz, 2013 (4th, Karlsplatz subway station, main passage)
  • Tony Cragg: Ferryman sculpture, 1997 (1st, Georg-Coch-Platz in front of the PSK)
  • Olafur Eliasson: Yellow Fog Light Installation, 2008 (1st, Am Hof 6a)
  • Alfred Hrdlicka: Memorial against war and fascism, 1988 (1st, Dr.-Helmut-Zilk-Platz)
  • Philip Johnson: Wiener Trio sculpture, 1996 (1st, Franz-Josefs-Kai/Schottenring)
  • Lukas Maria Kaufmann: Sculptures in the form of an approx. 5 meter-high metal mast crowned with an interwoven, illuminated star of David, 2018 (24 locations in 15 districts)
  • Roland Kodritsch: Reason to Believe, 2009 (6th, Getreidemarkt 17/corner of Mariahilfer Strasse)
  • Peter Kogler: Installation in Karlsplatz subway station (mezzanine level U1/U2)
  • Ken Lum: Media installation Pi, 2006 (1st, west passage Karlsplatz/Friedrichstrasse)
  • Henry Moore: Plastic Hill Arches in the pool in front of the Karlskirche (Church of St. Charles), erected in 1978 (4th, Karlsplatz)
  • Olaf Nicolai: Memorial to the victims of persecution of Nazi military justice (monument to deserters), 2014 (1st, Ballhausplatz)
  • Peter Sandbichler: Relief-style wall installation at Vienna Main Station, 2019 (11th, Gertrude-Fröhlich-Sandner-Straße underpass)
  • Franz West: Gerngross column, 2007 (6th, Rahlgasse)
  • Rachel Whiteread: Memorial for the Austrian Jewish victims of the Shoah, 2000 (1st, Judenplatz)
  • Fritz Wotruba: Large standing figure, 1962 (8th, Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 6)

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