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Parliament and Palais Epstein

Important note: The inside of the Parliament building cannot be viewed due to the extensive refurbishment taking place until 2022.

The building took ten years to build and Parliament was opened in 1883. Theophil Hansen chose the Greek classical style for the building because the Hellenes were the first people to love freedom and legality above everything else. The deputies of the "kingdoms and countries represented in the Reichsrat", the Austrian half of the double monarch of Austria-Hungary, which extended from Galicia (present-day Poland and Ukraine) to Dalmatia (the present-day Adriatic coast of Croatia), assembled here until 1918. Materials from all crown lands were used in its construction. The Pallas Athene fountain in front of the main entrance to Parliament is intended to embody state wisdom.

Nowadays, the National Assembly and Federal Assembly convene in Parliament. Apart from the Hall of Columns, a special highlight is the historic chamber, which is based on an ancient theater and used for special occasions only. The surface area of this mighty building is almost 14,000 m². There are 1,600 rooms with 920 windows. The daily electricity consumption is approximately equivalent to the annual need of four single-family homes.

Temporary premises in the Imperial Palace

During the extensive refurbishment of Parliament, representatives and staff will convene and work in the Imperial Palace or in specially erected pavilions on Heldenplatz and in the Library Courtyard of the Imperial Palace until 2022.

Guided tours of Heldenplatz on the topic “Demokratie.Macht.Orte” (“Democracy.Power.Places”):

The tour sheds light on the development of Austrian parliamentarianism and also briefly tells the history of Heldenplatz and nearby places.
Tour times: Mo-Sa 10.30 am & 1.30 pm in German, 12.00 noon and 3.00 pm in English
Duration of the guided tours: 90 minutes
Start of the guided tours: Information point “Platz.Mit.Bestimmung”, Heldenplatz
The guided tours are free.
No registration required for individual visitors; groups of 10 or more people on request
Phone number for visitors: +43-1-401 102 400

Palais Epstein

Palais Epstein, situated in the immediate vicinity of Parliament, was also built by Hansen for Gustav Ritter von Epstein and is the only palace on the Ringstrasse boulevard that can be visited on guided tours. It was built as a so-called "tenement palace": owners, tenants and servants lived under one roof. The former obviously at the front, facing the Ringstrasse boulevard. Since autumn 2005, Palais Epstein has been used by Parliament.

Guided tours of Palais Epstein:
Public guided tours are held every Saturday at 10.30 am and 12.30 pm in German and at 11.30 am and 1.30 pm in English. No registration is required to participate (groups of 10 people or more on request). The tickets for the guided tours are available from the "Bau.Stelle" information point directly in front of the adjacent Parliament building.

Parliament (Parlament)

Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring 3
1010 Vienna
  • Accessibility

    • Main entrance
      • no steps
        Wheelchair-accessible via an opening of the ramp wall left of the statue of Athena.
    • Car parks Main entrance
      • 4 Parking spaces for people with disabilities
    • Further information
      • Seeing eye dogs allowed
      • Wheelchair accessible restroom available.
    • Special offers for people with disabilities

      Guided tours for more than 5 persons with wheelchairs: by prior reservation.

    • Comments

      Entire visitor's center is free of barriers: elevators, multimedia stations, shop, café, toilets.

Parliament - Temporary premises in the Imperial Palace

1010 Vienna
  • Opening times

    • Mo - Sa, 10:00 - 17:00
    • Main entrance (July 13 - September 7, 2019) Mo-Sa, 10.00 am - 5.00 pm, public guided tours Mo-Sa, hourly 10.45 - 3.45 pm, special guided tour "Art in Parliament" every 2nd and 4th Saturday, 10.45 am (instead of the public guided tour)

  • Guided tours

    • Monday - Saturday (public guided tour)

      • 10:45 am to 3:45 pm, every hour

      Special guided tour "Parliament's art exhibition" (instead of public guided tour)

      • every 2. and 4. Saturday 10:45 am

Palais Epstein

Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring 1
1010 Vienna
  • Opening times

    • Guided Tour (English) Sa, 11:30 - 00:00
    • Guided Tour (English) Sa, 13:30 - 00:00
    • Guided tour (German) Sa, 10:30 - 00:00
    • Guided tour (German) Sa, 12:30 - 00:00

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