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Walkers with bycicles along the Danube Canal
© WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud

Exceptional Vienna Tours

Ugly Vienna with a wink

The unusual and entertaining “Vienna Ugly Tour“ (English only), led by British-born Eugene Quinn, takes you to 19 of Vienna’s architectural scandals. More information

Graffiti Tour

Vienna’s Graffiti Museum offers guided group tours (with prior reservation) to interesting examples of the city’s graffiti culture.
Information and booking:

In the footsteps of Napoleon

"Secret Vienna" has come up with some original tours. For example, you can walk in the footsteps of Napoleon in Vienna with grenadiers of the Royal and Imperial Regiment No. 3 Archduke Charles. Other extraordinary tours: "The dark side of Vienna", "The secrets of the Freemasons" etc.

Tours guided by homeless people

The tours explain what it means to be homeless in Vienna. Away from the tourist trails, these tours look at the different challenges posed by homelessness and the approaches to solving them. The tours are led by homeless people.

Vienna Greeters

Vienna Greeters are long-standing residents of Vienna who show their very personal Vienna to visitors on a two-hour tour. The free tours must be booked at least two weeks in advance; the maximum group size is limited to six people.
(Important: Vienna Greeters are not certified tour guides! These can be booked on the website

Discover Vienna astrologically

A tour with a guide who is also a graduated astrologer? This city tour shows you which zodiacal qualities prevail in which Viennese places and how to recognize them. Feel the themes of a certain area and see what effects this has. In addition, there is a lot of interesting information waiting for you apart from historical contents and there are a lot of hidden details to discover.

Federal Ministry on Vordere Zollamtsstrasse
Vienna Ugly Tour © Robert Seydel
Substation on Cobdengasse
Vienna Ugly Tour © Robert Seydel
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