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Walking in Sisi’s footsteps with ivie

Films, series, books and of course the cheesy trilogy with Romy Schneider have all kept Sisi’s memory alive. Having been born as a duchess in Bavaria, she went on to marry Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph at the age of just 16. Elisabeth never felt at home at Wiener Hof with its strict ceremony. So she broadened her horizons and set off for pastures new. But no matter how much she travelled, she was always drawn back to Vienna, with her final return taking place after her assassination at Lake Geneva in 1898: today, Sisi’s coffin can be found in Vienna’s Capuchins’ Crypt.

ivie’s Audio Guide will lead you to places that are still strongly associated with Sisi to this day. Use the app to discover some famous and some lesser-known sites in Vienna and learn a whole host of new facts about Empress Elisabeth along the way.

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Sisi Audio Guide Web-Sujet
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11 Locations

ivie will take you to eleven Sisi stations throughout Vienna. At each location, you’ll not only find a fascinating audio chapter, but also useful information, photos and surprising facts.

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