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Culinary tours of Vienna

Vienna is famous for its cuisine, its coffee house culture and the 'Heurige' wine taverns. The culinary facets of the city can best be explored on a tour.

Food Safari

The Food Safari by Bianca Gusenbauer leads participants to 5 or 6 different tasting stations in the city. The promise: after the three-hour tour, you'll be full and happy. The tours take place on fixed dates for individual travelers and exclusively by appointment for groups.
Tours in German and English

Wien bewegt

The culinary tours of "Wien bewegt" lead , on request, to selected restaurants with Viennese cuisine, various 'Heurige' wine taverns or coffee houses. On the tours, bon vivants experience a mix of culture, history and culinary delights. A minivan takes the visitors from one restaurant to the next, so there is also plenty of sightseeing to enjoy on the way. Two to three restaurants, cafés or bars are visited on the tours, which are individually composed.

Tel. +43 664 91 888 88
The tours are offered in German and English for up to 10 people; other languages where available. Price on request

GTour Genusstouren

GTour offers numerous pleasure tours with guided tours and tastings, such as at the Naschmarkt and Karmelitermarkt. The Grand Tour presents Vienna's restaurant scene away from the toques and stars with a multi-course menu in eight to ten different restaurants. And sweet Vienna can also be encountered on a tour.

Tel. +43 699 1234 7000
Tours in German and English

Peter’s Naschmarkt Walks

Peter's Naschmarkt Walks lead on a two-hour walk through the market, visitors learn lots of interesting facts and have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of specialties. Special programs are available on request.

Tel. +43 664 417 83 20
Tours in German and English

Gänseblümchen. Culinary discoveries

Culinary discoveries are also offered by the team of Gänseblümchen. The tours lead to selected localities from the secret tip to the toque-winning restaurant - with special food tastings. Visitors can discover the tasty aspects of various districts on the tours. The tours last about 3 hours and include a visit to 5 or 6 locations, with a plate of food and a drink at each one.

Tel. +43 664 384 61 47
Tours in German, in English on request, other languages possible

Vienna Food Tours

The Vienna Food Tours show the modern and new side of Viennese cuisine on their visits to selected restaurants and bars – off the beaten tourist track. The tour lasts about 3.5 to 4 hours and visits four dining establishments, three of which provide the visitors with one dish plus drinks.
Tours in German and English

Food Tours Vienna

And at Food Tours Vienna, participants enjoy Viennese cuisine and regional specialties. The four-hour tour ranges from a coffee house visit to samples at the Naschmarkt, from a sausage stand to a tasting of wine, ham and pralines in specialty shops. The price includes all samples and beverages. A gourmet tour and a best-of tour are also offered.

Tel. +43 664 467 44 68
Tours in German and English, Mon-Fri 09:00

The unknown sweet side of Vienna

Ingrid Andrea Bagus presents the unknown sweet side of Vienna away from Sachertorte and Co. on a two-hour walk through the city. Tastings of Viennese sweet treats included.

Tel. +43 664 456 12 48
Tours in German and English

Artemezzo Culinary Tours

The culinary tours by Artemezzo lead through Vienna's coffeehouses, wine cellars, Heurige, to the Naschmarkt or show the typical Viennese cuisine. For groups excl. consumption.

Tel. +43 699 121 423 79
Tours in German and English

Delicious Vienna

Delicious Vienna takes visitors off the beaten track through historic districts and offers tastings of Viennese cuisine at several locations - from the main course in a traditional 'beisl' to local cheese combined with Viennese wine, and sweet dessert in a typical Viennese coffee house.

Tel. +42 1 911 111 919
Tours in German and English, groups of up to 10 people

Vienna Urban Adventures

On the tours of Vienna urban Adventures, participants are introduced to the dishes of Viennese cuisine, drink coffee in a Viennese coffee house and stroll through typical markets (duration 4 hours, €78, daily except Su at 9.30 am). A nightlife tour (duration 4 hours) with street food and chocolate tasting as well as a tour to the Christmas markets (duration 3 hours) are also on the program.

Tel. +43 699 116 591 26
Tours in German and English, Russian by prior arrangement

Culinary Kick Bike Tours

On the Culinary Kick Bike Tours, participants criss-cross the city on bicycle-like scooters. At three places, the participants are given selected tastings of Viennese cuisine. The tour takes place daily at 10 a.m. and lasts about 2.5 hours.
Tours in German and English, daily at 10 am

Eat the World

The tours of Eat the World offer a culinary-cultural guided city tour of several Viennese districts combined with interesting information about the district's history. Duration: 3 hours.

Tel. +43 676 310 52 24
For dates see website, tours on the fixed dates in German, other languages for groups on request

Food Walk Vienna

The Food Walk Vienna leads you on a four-hour tour of Vienna to sample the familiar and less familiar elements of Viennese cuisine.

Tel. +43 676 5913036
Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 4.00 pm in German
Saturday, Sunday at 10.30 am in English

Guide and More

On the culture and culinary tours of Guide and More, you'll be treated to the food at three different eateries. Whether you book the Bite by Bite, Coffeehouse, Classic Culinary or Vienna Gourmet tour, you'll experience the variety of taste that Vienna has to offer. On a city tour, you'll also get to hear exciting stories. The perfect combination of a humorous city tour and a culinary tour.

Tel. +43 680 204 00 60
Tours in German and English from two to a maximum of 20 people per group

Vienna meets Brazil Food Tour

This is where the participants sample their way through the two culinary worlds of Austria and Brazil. This offer from Rebel Tours Vienna combines the cuisine with an exciting tour through the 6th and 7th districts. There are culinary treats to enjoy at four stops (two Brazilian, two Austrian). In this 3,5 hour tour one will get to know the best of both worlds and at the same time emerge into Vienna´s history.

Tel. +43 664 221 28 15
Tours in German and English

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