Bustling scene in the pubs and cafes at Naschmarkt, exterior shot with people

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Naschmarkt Deli

If you fancy enjoying a fine Saturday brunch in the stimulating atmosphere of little Istanbul on Naschmarkt, Deli - the hangout of Vienna's urban hippie scene - is the place to go not only around midday, also at nights a huge crowd is attracted by matching sounds between break beats and easy listening provided by Viennese DJs as well as occasional "guest stars".

The ideal place for a break after a stroll through Naschmarkt - one can have just a snack, a leisurely meal (often inspired by Asiatic cuisine) or a quick espresso. Note the wallpaper with the giant beans on the ceiling. The DJ sounds often start as early as noon.

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Naschmarkt Deli

Naschmarkt 421-436
1060 Vienna

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