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In recent years, Praterstrasse has developed into a trendy area as far as bars and restaurants are concerned. And with the entertainment venue called Praterstrasse, there is now also something totally new: A hybrid of bar and club. The former location of a TV station was repurposed for it. Running through the club is long bar surrounded by cozy lounge areas. All very colorful with a retro touch. The colors aren't the only thing that are reminiscent of the 1970s.

The dance floor is small but perfectly formed. The former recording studio of the TV station proved ideal for the purpose. A room-in-room concept prevents problems with the neighbors. Allowing the DJs inside to really turn up the volume. On the Praterstrasse program is electronic music with a clear focus on techno. The evening begins with cocktails and biodynamic wines at the bar until the dancing gets going. Definitely a new hotspot on Praterstrasse. In the summer, there's also coffee, pizza, and an outdoor dining area. But that's another story.


Praterstraße 18
1020 Vienna

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