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Mountainbiking through the vineyard
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Guided bike tours

Bike tour into nature

On the bicycle path network in the area of the Lobau, expert foresters explain the beauty of the Donau-Auen National Park and the riparian forest ecosystem. There are guided bike tours to the Lobau for groups of 6 or more people. As there is no bike rental option here, you must rent a bike from a bike rental outlet beforehand. You can find registration information at


Dechantweg 10
1220 Wien

From classic to culinary

At Pedalpower, you can choose from three bike tours:

  • Classically Viennese: Cycle past Vienna's magnificent buildings. The tour lasts about three hours.
  • Viennese water & wine: Discover another world as you ride along the Danube Canal to idyllic Nussdorf, where you can sample delightful Viennese wines. Allow about four to five hours for this tour.
  • Wachau Winery Bike Tour: Can be booked either in English or in another preferred language. You must plan a whole day for this – you'll be out and about for approx. 11 hours.

Pedal Power Bike rentals & sightseeing tours

Bösendorferstraße 5
1010 Vienna

Vienna Explorer offers the bike tours exclusively in English:

  • Vienna Bike Tour: Numerous sights lie on the three-hour tour of Vienna – e.g. Prater, Hundertwasser House, Stadtpark, Karlskirche (Church of St. Charles), Schwarzenbergplatz and many more.
  • "Go Green" electric Fat Bike tour into the countryside: Street art on the Danube Canal, view from the Kahlenberg, green vineyards and the imperial Prater make for an unforgettable tour.

Vienna Explorer Tours & Day Trips

Franz-Josefs-Kai 45
1010 Vienna

At Prime Tours Vienna, there are unconventional tours on the kickbike, a bicycle without pedals:

  • Kick by kick: The tour lasts approx. two to three hours and leads through the 6th, 7th and 15th districts. On view are the secret tips of the respective guides.
  • Culinary: Assorted Viennese treats are sought out and sampled for three whole hours.
  • Photographic: The photo tour on the kickbike lasts about two hours. If you don't have your own camera, you can rent one for a charge.
  • Electric: You'll ride on electric scooters for two to three hours from the 15th district to Vienna city center, along the Danube Canal, and make a brief stop in the Wurstelprater.

The meeting points can vary. For information and to register, go to

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