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Whitewater canal on Danube Island

The Vienna Watersports Arena is located in the 22nd district, between the New Danube and the Danube River. Three pumps convey up to 12 cubic meters of water per second along the wild water course, which has a total length of 250 meters. Variable obstacles that are inserted into the flow of the river at various heights and distances create consistent white water at different levels of difficulty for kayaks, rafts, tubes and white water swimmers. A conveyor belt transports the white water athletes from the finish to the starting pool.

Varied Range of Offers

The Vienna Watersports Arena offers rafting fun for adults and children. After a general introduction to safety and initial paddling exercises, anyone 12 years old or older (who knows how to swim and is generally fit) can be swept along by the white water. Kayak and paddling courses can be booked in advance through the Kayak Academy.

International competitions

Thanks to the ultra-modern facilities, the route is also equipped for international competitions as well as offering an important training option for professionals. For example, the wild water complex has already played host to major international events: The Wildwater Canoeing Sprint World Championships 2015 and the Wildwater Slalom European Championships were held here in 2014.

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