Cemetery of the Nameless

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Cemetery of the Nameless

In the past, the Danube used to wash up the bodies of people who had drowned or been murdered here because of a water vortex. Many of them remained unidentified – nameless, even. The course of the Danube has changed since then, and corpses are no longer washed up here. The cemetery has not changed, however, idyllically framed by tall trees and hidden behind the dam. The last burial took place at the Cemetery of the Nameless in 1940. The disused cemetery is one of a kind in the world: nowhere else is there a burial site reserved solely for the victims of a river.

The older part of the cemetery is overgrown by trees and completely wild. The riparian forest has reclaimed this land. A total of 478 unknown people were buried here from 1840 to 1900. The cemetery was frequently flooded and only one memorial cross reminds us of these deaths today.

Until a few years ago, the Cemetery of the Nameless was difficult to find. Today, the cemetery is easily accessible to visitors via a footpath. The footpath begins at the terminus of bus routes 76A and 76B and leads directly to the cemetery, which is around 600 meters away.

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Cemetery of the Unnamed (Friedhof der Namenlosen)

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Cemetery of the Nameless
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