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Treasury of the Teutonic Order

In 1807, Napoleon, when he set his sights on dominating the German states, abolished the order, which countered his action by moving to Vienna.

Since that time, the treasure of the order has been kept in Vienna. As a result of knowledgeable collecting done by a succession of art-loving grand masters, its treasury now contains such items as the 15th-century insignia of the order with the Chain of Swords, magnificent chalices, oriental weapons, a Viper Tongue Credenza to render poisoned food harmless, and precious 17th -and 18th-century tableware, china and crystal.

For a few weeks in the year 1781, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was also a resident of the House of the Order of the Teutonic Knights. It was here that he was allegedly kicked by Count Arco, which led to Mozart´s resignation from the service of the Salzburg Prince-Archbishop.

Treasuries of the Teutonic Order (Schatzkammer des Deutschen Ordens)

Singerstraße 7/1
1010 Vienna
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