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"Calle Libre“ & Street Art in Vienna

Street art is everywhere in Vienna. For years now, these highly imaginative and often colorful artworks have been a permanent fixture on the Danube Canal, while increasingly popping up on walls, entryways and facades all over Vienna. And now the City of Vienna is supporting the trend through its Vienna Wall project, allowing both established graffiti artists and anyone else who wants to try their hand at it to make their mark – legally – at specific spots in the city.

The Viennese graffiti scene’s “hall of fame” extends along the banks of the Danube Canal. Walls, railings and archways are covered with layer upon layer of spray paint. It’s definitely worth a visit – new artworks are created here every day, with trendy bars serving up hip drinks and cool music in the background.

Other street art hotspots can be found at the Spittelauer Lände section of the Danube Canal, on Yppenplatz, at Schwendermarkt and in the sixth and seventh districts. Here, imposing large-format murals adorn public works, municipal housing projects and private apartment buildings. The Wien Museum’s construction fence  on Karlsplatz will again be designed by street artists this summer. This year´s edition is called "Urban Cultures" with works by David Leitner, Perk_up and Feminist Killjoy on display.

Jakob Kattner – founder and the creative mind behind the Calle Libre festival of street art and urban aesthetics – is delighted with all of the positive feedback he has received from the Viennese population on the numerous works of art created in the city as part of the festival since 2014. More than 70 facades in 13 districts now feature art by acclaimed Austrian and international artists.

„Vienna is a mecca for art. And that attracts street artists from all over the world. We want to help shape the look of the city … Calle Libre has helped to make Vienna a more colorful place!“ (Jakob Kattner)

This summer, Kattner is leading the festival to pastures new. Unlike in previous years, the 20 or so street artists from all around the world will not be scattered across different locations in the city, but instead work side by side on the site of the former Nordwestbahnhof railway yard, where a 400-meterlong warehouse will serve as an oversize canvas.

One of the highlights of the festival, which is playing out under the banner of “REGENERATION” this year, can already be revealed at this point: the Portuguese artist Bordalo II will be creating one of his famous Big Trash Animals. Made entirely out of garbage, he uses these fantastic sculptures to raise awareness of sustainability and the environment.

Visitors are free to watch the works take shape between August 1 and 7 and immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere on the festival site. There will also be live concerts on the festival stage this year from Thursday to Saturday (2pm-10pm). Food trucks will provide catering, while special workshops will be offered for the next generation of up-and-coming sprayers.

Calle Libre

August 1 - 7, 2022, Nordwestbahnhof

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