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The Green Prater

The "main artery" of the green Prater is the 4.5 kilometer-long Hauptallee. Straight as a ribbon, this broad boulevard between Praterstern and Lusthaus, a restaurant that was once an imperial hunting pavilion, is lined by 2,500 trees.

Many runners know the avenue, which is marked by distance signs and running checkpoints, from the Vienna City Marathon, where it is known as a notoriously long and hard haul. Inline skaters find much enjoyment on this tree-lined avenue, which is also frequented by pedestrians, bicyclists and sometimes by old-fashioned Viennese horse-drawn carriages (“Fiaker”).

Simply Biking ...

If you want to get to know this splendid promenade in a leisurely way, rent a bicycle, or even a “Pedi cab” (a bicycle rickshaw) – or step onto the “Liliputbahn” miniature railroad, which leaves near the Riesenrad and takes you to the Ernst Happen stadium in the Prater.

You will pass not only the BMX rink for cool bikers and boarders, but also the public swimming pool Stadionbad, which offers cool and modern relaxation from May to September.

Off the Main Avenue

Take a few steps away from the main avenue of the Prater and you will find an expansive area of meadows, woods and former Danube channels. The best way is to follow the signs on the 13 kilometer-long City Hiking Trail 9, which takes your directly from Praterstern (U1 Praterstern) away from the main avenue on the level to the little water meadow area at Freudenau. Heustadlwasser lake is a former arm of the Danube and invites you not only to go bathing but also to dream and walk. And explore the area from the saddle along attractive bridle paths.

Golf players are welcome at the Golfclub Freudenau, right behind the Lusthaus. And if you have ever wanted to experience a true horse race from up close, you will not be disappointed by the events of the Vienna Harness Racing Club located just behind the Vienna Congress Center. The harness racing track was completed in 1878 and features the oldest reinforced concrete stands in Europe, which now enjoy protection as a historic monument.

To Prater Overview

Green Prater between Praterstern and Winterhafen

1020 Vienna
  • Accessibility

    • Main entrance
    • Car parks Main entrance
      • Parking spaces for people with disabilities
        at Riesenrad (Giant Ferris Wheel) and Schweizerhaus (1.-Mai-Strasse)
    • Further information
      • Wheelchair accessible restroom available.
    • Comments

      Wheelchair-accessible restrooms: Messegelände / Parkplatz, 1.-Mai-Strasse (in the middle), Calafattiplatz.

Stadium Pool (Stadionbad) next to Ernst Happel Stadium

Meiereistraße 7
1020 Vienna

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