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A lot is happening in the restaurant scene in the Stuwerviertel – especially when it comes to reinterpreting Viennese cuisine. There are also great places to eat at the tranquil Vorgartenmarkt, which lies at the heart of the Grätzel. The St. Francis of Assisi Church near the Danube is a very special sacred building with a unique Art Nouveau interior. Fans of unusual museums will be delighted by the Circus & Clown Museum. This walk takes about an hour and a half and also takes visitors through the famous Wurstelprater, where all kinds of amusements are on offer.

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ivie Sujet for the Stuwerviertel und Wurstelprater Walk
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The Stuwerviertel & Wurstelprater Walk starts with a leisurely stroll in the Venediger Au Park (U2 exit at Praterstern station), which is located at the entrance to the Stuwerviertel. The many restaurants offer Viennese cuisine, sometimes with a very contemporary twist. The Messe Wien exhibition center and the modern campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business are also close by, as is the Wurstelprater with its many action-packed rides and iconic restaurants. The Prater Museum gives an insight into the history of this unique amusement park. How else could the walk end but at one of Vienna’s most famous landmarks, the Giant Ferris Wheel. A summary of the locations:

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