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WienMobil bicycle rental

With the rental bicycles from WienMobil, cycling in Vienna is now also a spontaneous activity. The rental bikes of the new bike-sharing provider are available in all 23 Viennese districts around the clock, seven days a week. WienMobil bicycle rental has been fully operational since autumn 2022 with 3,000 bicycles and 185 fixed as well as 50 digital stations (e.g. for temporary events). The fixed stations are reserved exclusively for rental bicycles and can be identified by a red information pylon.

The WienMobil bicycle is a 7-gear smart Citybike with integrated electronic frame lock. The bike can be located by GPS, and rented and returned at physical and digital stations.

Easy bicycle rental

After the free registration, you can scan the QR-Code using the app of the operator (Next Bike app) or the WienMobil app or rent via the hotline at +43 1 385 01 89. The frame lock opens automatically.

Payment is by Visa/Mastercard, direct debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal. Billing is by the half hour. The standard tariff is €0.60 per 30 minutes; Wiener Linien customers (e.g. annual season ticket holders) pay only €0.30 per 30 minutes.

Two women on bicycles
© Wiener Linien/Alexandra Gritsevskaja

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