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Hands Up

How do people cope with the silence in their everyday lives? The interactive Hands Up exhibition in the 2nd district, which is open all year round, takes visitors on a fascinating journey into the world of silence. Deaf guides lead visitors through the exhibition rooms and share experiences of everyday life. They highlight barriers, but also identify possible solutions. Visitors are given special headphones and are also encouraged to learn simple gestures. Those who want to can also try their hand at sign language karaoke: an avatar signs the song “Hands up, Baby Hands up” and visitors are invited to join in.

The aims of the tour are to break down people’s reservations about interacting with deaf people and build bridges between the hearing and deaf worlds.

Hands Up
© Gerd Schneider

Hands Up

Blumauergasse 6
2nd cort, 1st floor
1020 Vienna
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    • Experience Silence

  • Opening times

    • Tu - Fr, 09:00 - 16:00
    • Please book in advance for appointments during the week. 

      Weekdays after 4 p.m. and Saturdays: on request

  • Accessibility

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      Barrier-free access via elevator

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