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Six ice cream parlors in Vienna

If you think the real Viennese are mostly grumpy then you don't know their sweet side. Which is particularly pronounced. This can best be seen on many corners of the city in summer, when the Viennese line up in front of their favorite ice cream parlors. The choice is enormous, the age of the monopoly of vanilla, chocolate and the like long gone. New varieties are constantly joining the ever popular classics. Exotic creations, vegan ice cream, organic ingredients, the list of sometimes entirely new varieties is growing and growing. And the Viennese ice cream landscape is becoming ever more colorful.

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High time then to give you an overview of the best addresses for wonderful ice cream in Vienna. Here is a list of six of our favorite ice cream parlors in Vienna!


We start with a Viennese institution. Tichy has been one of the leading addresses for ice cream since 1952. In the giant parlor on Reumannplatz, you can still sense the flair of that time. The ice cream varieties have nevertheless survived to the present day and the choice is almost infinite. However, maximum pleasure awaits the guests in the parlor and its menu of countless sundaes. This is where we come across the really big star that has made Tichy's ice cream parlor famous beyond Vienna's city limits: the apricot dumpling. A true classic!


Gelato – the Italian word for ice cream can be pronounced with lots of passion and Italian temperament. Or really laid back in Viennese dialect: Schelato. And that brings us to our next ice cream parlor. No sooner do we receive our black ice cream cone with pink lemonade, sour cherry-oregano and pomegranate-basil, then it becomes clear to us that we are in one of Vienna's modern ice cream parlors. These fancy varieties and, of course, the essential classics are made from top-quality and mostly regional organic ingredients. They are also tastily accompanied by seasonal creations such as the vanilla croissant ice cream.


The name says it all. At Veganista, everything is vegan. After 20 years on a vegan diet, two sisters set themselves the goal of conjuring up the best vegan ice cream in the city. No sooner said than done, and so there are now seven Veganista outlets across Vienna. Only the best and in some instances very extravagant ingredients result in 18 varieties freshly made each day. Among them are old favorites such as vanilla and hazelnut as well as original flavors such as basil, oatmeal and cinnamon, or Lotus Biscoff. If you're worried that vegan ice cream means having to forgo anything in terms of taste, then you're completely wide of the mark. Customers love the purely vegetable-based ice cream, whether they're vegans or meat-eaters.


Things continue in a creative and sustainable vein at Eis-Greissler. However, fresh organic milk from Eis-Greissler's own cows is used here to make the ice cream every day. A constant stream of new and original ingredients are added to the milk. The focus here is always on the natural flavor. Nothing and nobody is allowed to deflect from it. The result is natural taste explosions in the ice cream cone with varieties such as alpine caramel, shortbread, Zotter chocolate, or goat's cheese. Variety is brought to the ice cream menu by constantly changing seasonal flavors and special varieties without sugar or with purely vegan ingredients.

Ferrari Gelato

Ferrari Gelato is a little piece of Italy in the middle of Vienna. Between the Vienna State Opera and the House of Music, the master personally creates new ice cream compositions from high-quality, regional ingredients. Freshness takes top priority here. For this reason, the ice cream is not classically presented in the display case but hidden under round metal covers. The ice cream maker runs in the background all day long and supplies the guests with a constant flow of fresh ice cream. Secret tip: when ordering, always briefly ask which varieties have just been freshly put out. Very popular at Ferrari Gelato are the fruit sorbets with up to 70% fruit, entirely free from sugar, gluten and lactose.


Gelato Artigianale – the traditional Italian art of making ice cream. This special art is indulged by the Leones ice cream parlor in the 8th district near the Altes AKH and on Praterstrasse in the 2nd district. Only the very best quality finds its way into the cone. The close, personal collaboration with mostly regional suppliers always guarantees the owners of Leones the best ingredients for their elegant creations. Artificial additives are completely avoided; instead, the real flavor finds its way into the ice cream maker. Thus the coffee ice cream gets its flavor from real espresso. It can also happen that several different varieties of vanilla ice cream are available. Each of them with other exquisite ingredients.


Reumannplatz 13
1100 Vienna
  • Opening times

    • the beginning of March to the end of September
    • daily, 10:00 - 23:00


Lerchenfelder Straße 34
1080 Wien
  • Opening times

    • the beginning of March to the beginning of October
    • daily, 12:00 - 22:00

Veganista Ice Cream Neustiftgasse

Neustiftgasse 23
1070 Vienna
  • Opening times

    • March to December
    • Mo - Th, 12:00 - 23:00
    • Fr - Su, 11:00 - 23:00


Rotenturmstraße 14
1010 Vienna

Ferrari Natural Gelato Ice Cream Maker

Krugerstraße 9
1010 Vienna
  • Opening times

    • the beginning of March to middle of October
    • daily, 10:30 - 22:00

Leones Gelato

Lange Gasse 78
1080 Vienna
  • Opening times

      • 04/01/2023 13:00 - 18:00
      • 04/02/2023 13:00 - 18:00
      • 04/03/2023 13:00 - 18:00
      • 04/04/2023 13:00 - 18:00
      • 04/05/2023 13:00 - 18:00
      • 04/06/2023 13:00 - 18:00
    • middle of March to the end of September

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