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Citybike in front of the Vienna State Opera
© Kromus/PID

Citybike Wien

The Citybikes can be rented at public stations within Vienna and returned at any Citybike station when you're done. Visit to find out how many bikes are available and at which station. There are 121 conveniently located stations, often in the vicinity of subway stations or rapid transit stations.

The green way through Vienna: To date, the Citybikes have covered over 33 million kilometers on 10 million trips and saved about 1,950 tonnes of CO2.

Registration: On the internet at or directly at a Citybike terminal with a credit card (Mastercard, VISA or JCB) or an Austrian ATM card (Maestro or V PAY). One-off registration fee: €1 (only 1 bike per card!)

Rental: The rental period begins when you remove the Citybike from the bike box and ends when you place the Citybike back in a bike box. – Always wait for the green light to light up; only then does the rental period end.

Ideally, you should plan tours in advance. Vienna has 1,400 km of bike paths. – Explore the city on your own on a bike tour along the Ringstrasse boulevard and take a detour to the idyllic Danube Island. Or what about a guided bike tour?

The first hour is free, after which a usage fee is charged:

  • 2nd hour: €1 per started hour
  • 3rd hour: €2 per started hour
  • 4th - 120th hour: €4 for each started hour. Flat fee for exceeding the hours: €600

If the Citybike is lost, the renter is liable for half its value. Citybike Info Hotline: +43 1 7980 777


The first hour of each ride on a Citybike is always free! And should take another ride after a break of more than 15 minutes, you can ride for free again.

Citybike without registration

The RadSTATION at Vienna Main Station offers a special service for tourists: You can rent several bikes at once with your credit card, without having to register with Citybike.

This is how it works: Leave your credit card details as security with RadSTATION, receive the desired number of Citybike Tourist Cards (one per bike) for the desired length of time) – and off you pedal. A Tourist Card authorizes use of a Citybike. The bill is worked out when you return the card, customers pay on location (card rental fee: €2.50 per day + the fee of Citybike Wien).

Die Radstation Vienna Main Station / Wien Hauptbahnhof

Am Hauptbahnhof 1
1100 Vienna
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