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In the footsteps of the 1873 World's Fair with ivie

Vienna's urban structure and railway network were created in those years, as was the First Vienna Mountain Spring Pipeline, which supplies crystal-clear water from the Alps. The World's Fair was the beginning of city tourism and many museum collections. Hotel classics like the Hotel Imperial arose, as did coffee house legends like Café Landtmann. All of this is waiting to be discovered with the "World's Fair 1873 Guide". And so much more.

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Mobile view ivie world fair 1873 guide with lobmeyr store in background
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Then as now, Vienna was famous for refined handicrafts, such as those of the glass manufactory J. & L. Lobmeyr, which still exists today. And also the silversmiths Jarosinski & Vaugoin, Bösendorfer pianos, and the jewelers A.E. Köchert. This guide leads you to special places related to the World's Fair.

The long-vanished World's Fair site is also part of this guide. Nowadays, it is home, for example, to the fantastic modern architecture of Campus WU and the almost surreal-looking urban development area Viertel Zwei, which is exemplary for Vienna of the third millennium. Have fun discovering special Viennese places with ivie.

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