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© Zuckerlwerkstatt

The Zuckerlwerkstatt (Sugar Workshop)

Situated on Herrengasse, Vienna, is a true utopia for the sweet-toothed: Candies and treats are made by hand right in the store of the Zuckerlwerkstatt - to old recipes and traditions, some of which date back to the 18th century. In the viewing kitchen, visitors can watch over the confectioners' shoulders while they work and get an insight into the wonderful world of candy production.

A specialty of the manufactory are the Viennese silk candies. They are among the most traditional candies in Austria, are filled with chocolate and are shaped like miniature pillows. The candies get their particularly crunchy bite from the use of pulled sugar. This method involves working air into the sugar mass.

Especially creative as well as being a visual delight are the rock candies. Delicate motifs such as fruit, shapes or words are incorporated into the colorful candies. Anyone who'd like candies with personal motifs or texts can also order these in the Zuckerlwerkstatt. Or even make them in person by attending a workshop.


Herrengasse 6-8/4
1010 Vienna

Exterior view of a shop
© Zuckerlwerkstatt
© Zuckerlwerkstatt
Shop from inside
© Nicole Viktorik
Production of sweets in Vienna's Sugar Workshop
© Astrid Schwab