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Coffee mugs

Vienna Coffee Festival

The topic of coffee will be illuminated from various perspectives at the Vienna Coffee Festival. Here, the traditional Viennese coffee house culture meets the young scene of the third-waves cafés. The best of the Austrian coffee scene and international experts will present their knowledge and highlight the current trends at this four-day festival with numerous presentations and trainings. Visitors can learn and taste how coffee from different regions of the world tastes with the various preparation methods and roasts.

Tastings and Competitions

The correct preparation and the techniques behind this are also a focus – from machines to AeroPress, from espresso to filter coffee. Roasting, water preparation and milk foaming also play a large role in perfect coffee experience. The contests of the Austrian Barista Competition 2016 provide interesting insights. A sensory bar challenges visitors to demonstrate their knowledge and talent in a practical test. And naturally the Vienna Coffee Festival also offers the opportunity to purchase everything for your own coffee enjoyment at home – from special coffee roasting to a wide variety of accessories and coffee machines.

Vienna Coffee Festival

15 - 18 January 2016
Fr 3.00 pm - 8.00 pm, Sa-Mo 10.00 am - 8.00 pm
Free admission

Vienna Coffee Festival
Vienna Coffee Festival
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