Strauss Monument at the Stadtpark on Viennas' Ringstrasse
© Schaub-Walzer/PID

Download: Musicians’ walks

Almost every street in Vienna city center can recount stories of famous composers - including Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Brahms, Gluck, Vivaldi, Strauss, Salieri, Schubert, Schönberg, Bruckner and many more ...

Take your own time, follow the descriptions, stories and anecdotes and visit the original locations where the great musicians lived and worked in Vienna.

Remember: You can obtain free city maps at your Vienna hotel and from tourist information (1 Albertinaplatz, daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm) - a handy companion as you search for tracks.

 Mozart Memorial in Burggarten

Mozart Memorial by Viktor Tilgner

© Schaub-Walzer / PID
Mozarthaus Vienna

Mozarthaus Vienna

© Mozarthaus Vienna / David Peters
Johann Strauss Monument

Johann Strauss Memorial

© WienTourismus / Willfried Gredler-Oxenbauer
Beethoven monument

Beethoven Memorial

© Schaub-Walzer / PID
Vienna State Opera, evening atmosphere

Vienna State Opera

© WienTourismus/MAXUM
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