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Weltmuseum Wien

The Weltmuseum Wien (World Museum Vienna) is located in the complex of the Imperial Palace, more precisely in the Corps de Logis ("residential wing") of the Neue Burg. It is one of the most important museums of ethnology in the world. In its possession are over 250,000 ethnographic objects, 140,000 historical photographs and 146,000 printed works on the history, culture, art and everyday lives of mostly non-European peoples. Many of the museum's exhibits come from the many journeys undertaken by the Habsburg archdukes. Other highlights: Parts of the collection of the British seafarer James Cook (1728-1779) and a world-famous feather headdress from Mexico (called "Penacho").

The Weltmuseum Wien (World Museum Vienna) shows objects from every continent. It deals with the cultural diversity of humanity and impressively documents Austria's rich historic relations with the world.

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14 display rooms

The heart of the museum is the show collection with its contemporary concept and modern design. A sequence of fourteen rooms present the central exhibits. With the aid of 3,127 objects as well as numerous photos and text panels, often surprising connections between Austria and the world are revealed. The rooms are arranged into the following topic areas:

  • In the Shadow of Colonialism
  • Benin and Ethiopia Art, Power, Resistance
  • "Kulturkampf" in Vienna
  • An Austrian mosaic of Brazil
  • 1873 - Japan comes to Europe
  • Collector madness. "I suffer from museomania!" (O-tone archduke heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand)
  • South Sea: Encounters with Paradise Lost
  • The Orient on the Doorstep
  • Stories from Mesoamerica (with the feather headdress "Penacho")
  • A Village in the Mountains (Buddhist village in the Himalayas)
  • Fascinated by Indonesia
  • World in Movement
  • To a New World
  • The new perception - The view of China

In addition to the permanent exhibition in the 14 halls, special exhibitions on various topics are held on a regular basis.

150 Years of the Vienna World's Fair

In 2023, Vienna celebrates the 150th anniversary of the 1873 Vienna World's Fair. To mark the occasion, the Weltmuseum Wien (World Museum Vienna) is offering a colorful one-off program with special guided tours and much more besides.

In focus is the opening up of Japan and the "Orient" to Europe – because the Vienna World's Fair was the first one at which Japan, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, the Ottoman Empire, and Persia comprehensively presented themselves to the European world for the first time. From January to December 2023, every Saturday at 11.15 am, there is a guided tour (alternating between German and English) entitled "The 1873 Vienna World's Fair and Art Nouveau". 

In addition, visitors will receive a free booklet on site providing information about the Vienna World's Fair and the objects owned by the Weltmuseum Wien that were on display at the World's Fair at that time or became part of the collection afterwards. 

More information

Director Jonathan Fine on the unique collection and the 2023 anniversary program:

© WienTourismus/Rafael Bittermann

Weltmuseum Wien (World Museum Vienna)

Hofburg, Heldenplatz
1010 Vienna
  • Vienna City Card

    • Your benefit with the Vienna City Card: -6%

      Additional information on the offer: Standard ticket price: 16€

  • Opening times

    • Mo, 10:00 - 18:00
    • Tu, 10:00 - 21:00
    • Th, 10:00 - 18:00
    • Fr, 10:00 - 18:00
    • Sa, 10:00 - 18:00
    • Su, 10:00 - 18:00
  • Accessibility

    • Main entrance
      • no steps (Automatic sliding doors)
        accessible by platform lift.
    • Car parks Main entrance
      • 5 Parking spaces for people with disabilities
        on Heldenplatz
    • Elevator available
      • Door 92 cm wide
    • Further information
      • Wheelchair accessible restroom available.
    • Special offers for people with disabilities

      Tactile tours for the blind and visually impaired provided upon request.

    • Comments

      Automatic gate (width: 130 cm) operated with "Euro-Key". Elevator to the special exhibition areas on the first floor as well as to the exhibition areas on the mezzanine.
      The event area is also wheelchair-accessible on request and accompanied by a staff member (contact via intercom at the entrance to the WMW-Forum and at the ticket counter).
      Both the cook café & bistro and the shopping are in the hall of columns can be accessed without steps by means of an elevator.
      Wheelchair-accessible restroom on the upper first floor and mezzanine.

cook café & bistro in the Weltmuseum Wien

Heldenplatz, Hofburg
1010 Vienna

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