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The best bike tours through Vienna

Once you've explored the city by bike, you'll want to do so again and again. It offers you speed, mobility and independence. With so many bike paths and opportunities for discovering Vienna's best spots, choosing the best tour is difficult. Here's a selection of the best bike tours through Vienna:

Tip: If you don't have your own bike, you're sure to find a suitable bike for your city trip at a bike rental outlet.

The classic: Right around the Ringstrasse boulevard

  • Start: Stadtpark
  • Length: approx. 5.5 km
  • Tip: Only here will you find so many magnificent buildings all at once.

The name says it all: The Ringstrasse encircles Vienna's old city. The tour starts and ends wherever you like – for example, at the golden Johann Strauss monument in the Stadtpark. Along the Ringstrasse, you'll ride past magnificent symbols of Vienna: State Opera, Imperial Palace, Volksgarten, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Naturhistorisches Museum, Parliament, City Hall, Burgtheater and University.

Caution: Things can get fast here! Because where you see the Votive Church a little way off the bike path, the Ringstrasse makes a slight bend and you soon reach the Danube Canal. At the Danube Canal, you can either continue along to the Old City until you bend to the right at the Urania and close the loop of the Ringstrasse, or cycle along the promenade down by the canal.

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Danube-Canale Grande for cyclists

  • Start: Spittelau
  • Length: approx. 7 km
  • Tip: Vienna's biggest graffiti scene on the banks of the Danube Canal will make the kilometers fly by

There's something relaxing about cycling by the water. A car-free ride is often possible on the promenades. On the Danube Canal bike path, you'll ride right through Vienna. Start at the artistically designed waste incineration facility in Spittelau and, in summer, be seduced by refreshments and a snack in one of the beach bars half-way along the Danube Canal promenade.

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Danube Cycle Path

  • Start: Klosterneuburg
  • Length: approx. 50 km
  • Tip: Take binoculars with you and keep an eye open for wild animals in the Lobau.

All cycle paths lead to Vienna — at least the Danube Cycle Path does, one of the most beautiful bicycle routes in Europe. It begins in Passau and, on its journey to the mouth of the Danube at the Black Sea, passes Linz, the Wachau, Klosterneuburg and, of course, through Vienna. From the west of the city, it's off to the east, into the Donau-Auen National Park. The Lobau is a unique habitat for beavers, kingfishers and even sea eagles. It numbers amongst the biggest intact wetland landscapes in Central Europe.

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Free ride through the Wiental

  • Start: The Wien river/Hofjägerstrasse
  • End: Ringstrasse
  • Length: approx. 13 km
  • Tip: Remember your bicycle lock! The Klimt Villa isn't far off this route and a detour is definitely worthwhile.

The Wiental bike path is perfectly suited for an almost traffic-free bike tour. The entrance to the Lainz Game Reserve, a unique conservation area, is located right on the bike path. Apart from cycling past Schönbrunn Palace, you can also marvel at Otto Wagner’s city rail architecture, the Hofpavillon Hietzing and the Otto Wagner bridge. The bike path leads you to the Ringstrasse.

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Cooling off in the Lobau
The Lobau provides shade in summer and enables cozy cycling
Download print-ready version © Forst- und Landwirtschaftsbetrieb der Stadt Wien
Klimt Villa, north façade
The Klimt Villa is always worth a detour
Download print-ready version © Baris Alakus 2014
Schönbrunn Palace with pond
The bike path leads right past Schönbrunn Palace
Download print-ready version © WienTourismus / Peter Rigaud
Wagner's Court Pavilion in Hietzing
The buildings of Otto Wagner are a special feast for the eyes
Download print-ready version © WienTourismus/Gregor Hofbauer

Tip: Cycling safely through Vienna

Read here to find out what you have to watch out for when cycling in Vienna.

With the free bicycle app for Vienna, you can navigate your way along the tour and also download the navigation pack for the whole of Vienna. Download additional GPX and KML files at

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